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Home Smart Guarantee

Enery Star Compliant Homes

Every home we build features our Home Smart Guarantee that promises your home's energy efficiency for the first 36 months. We calculate the expected energy useage and will pay the homeowner any cost above this amount after each 12 month period.

ENERGY STAR® is the most recognized energy efficiency program in the United States. ENERGY STAR is a national program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy to assist home buyers to identify builders that meet the standards of the program. ENERGY STAR is based on a strict system that must meet or exceed strict standards. Sky Vista Custom Homes has set the bar for years building homes that are extremely energy efficient.

Typical features to look for in our homes include:

  • Efficient Air Distribution, ducts are sealed with mastic and insulated & return air ducts are installed in all bedrooms and rooms that are closed off.
  • Efficient Equipment, Lenox units, 19 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) cooling, and Navien Tankless Hot Water. A higher SEER number means it is more efficient.
  • Heaters that have a 95% efficiency rating are standard in all our homes.
  • Efficient Doors & Windows, low E windows and premium quality wood/metal clad Weathershield doors.
  • Whole home LED lighting standard in all homes.
  • Efficient Home Envelope, window and door flashing R-23 BIB insulated walls and R-38 insulated ceilings, modified bitumen roofng systems, and caulking for air infiltration. 2X6 exterior walls and insulated garage doors. DuPont Tyvek® stucco wrap and Sto Stucco.
  • Special Energy Savings Components, optional solar hot water, and grid tie solar electric systems, and electric wind power when allowed.
  • Efficient Appliances & Lighting, ENERGY STAR kitchen appliances.


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